Gig Review – Ruts DC – Jazz Café Camden – 13-Oct-15.

Gig Review – Ruts DC – Jazz Café Camden – 13-Oct-15.

Did I mention how great Ruts DC were in Guildford?

That’s one of the drawbacks of Time Travel…

…Amnesia that is!

…Along with Time-lag a kind of temporal (or time-based) dysphasia if you will…

Anyway, I ramble…

They were so great that there I was just a few days later (of a Tuesday) doing it all again!

A quick detour meant stopping off for some wonderful sustenance at Diwana in Drummond St, Euston. Then back on track and off to the bright lights of Camden Town…

Arriving ticketless tonight, something I rarely do, I bought one from the box office and paid a premium of several quid above face value, mental note when attending this venue – get ticket beforehand to avoid this extra levy! Whilst I wouldn’t object if this money were to go the band, somehow I think this may not be the case! (happy to be proven otherwise of course…) Also, it was a rather risky venture given how well filled the venue was for the main act tonight… But I again ramble…


Support act UK Feds, did their stuff once more and warmed up the crowd who had made it in time to catch their impressive act, earning the audiences appreciation which was visually apparent from the ever increasing foot tapping, approving nods and applause.

At around Nine, the place had filled out nicely, which was handy, as Ruts DC arrived on stage to kick off with tonight’s proceedings…

rdc 6

Opening once more with the cool drum intro to new song Surprise, “we’re in for another vintage evening for sure…”

Leigh 1

But wait, what’s this? Someone has fed and watered the tech gremlins as Leigh struggles to tame his shiny new guitar rig and Mr Ruffy’s kit is determined to go walk about… It’s a minor setback as they shrug it off and get on with the job in hand…


And the place was soon rocking to the rafters through Mighty Soldier, Back Biter and It Was Cold. Then to a tasty Trio from Animal Now – in the shape of Mirror Smashed, No Time To Kill and Dangerous Minds…


Back up to date with new number Second Hand Child followed by Ruts Classics Sus and West One, the crowd were right behind it the whole way. Then the band Ramped up another notch with another new number the frenetic Psychic Attack. From where they took it straight back down again with a sublime Love In Vain replete with Police and Thieves medley, perfection!

rdc 7

The boys were once again on fine form tonight and the earlier sound bugs were soon ironed out. Segs and Ruffy were in good spirits, the banter was to their usual high standard as they took time to reminisce about previous visits to The Jazz Café for example, on one such occasion to see the legendary Sly and Robbie. Leigh too was totally on top of his game giving us an energetic inspired performance, and remaining firmly on his toes while coaxing the juju from his new gear.

supa4 ruffy segs

Up next Jah Wars which saw guest Toaster Supa4 (of The Trojan Sound System, among others… referred to by Dave Ruffy as one of The Brixton Generals) deliver the goods with class and style much to the delight of the crowd, who duly danced/skanked and chanted along…

supa4 rdc

Staring At The Rude Boys followed by Babylon’s Burning rounded out the main set in an energetic flourish which the audience duly lapped up.

Segs then informed us that they couldn’t be bothered to go off and come back on again so they would just get on with the encore!

rdc rupert 2

They were joined by another guest, guitarist Rupert Orton (formerly of the Jim Jones Revue), who ably assisted in the delivery of In A Rut, complete with medley middle section including Shakin’ All Over and Public Image in addition to some fine trading of solos from the guitarists (also, with a bit of Human Punk in there somewhere, if I remember correctly?…).


Rupert was just about to leave when Segs asked him to stay for another number and they delivered Brand New Cadillac. Then he made his exit and the band finished off with Something That I Said…

rdc 5

Or did they? (while we’re on the subject, I’m sure we got Society in the encore somewhere too but my head was spinning with the awe of it all by this time, so some of the detail is a little hazy) The crowd were pleading for more and the band were eager to deliver but the Tour Manager was looking at his watch and signalled ‘two minutes’. Segs concluded that it would have to be a fast one, as they delivered a barnstorming H-eyes!

Verdict: A first class/top night out in Camden Town with Ruts DC, perfect Tuesday!


Words and Photos: EiTC


segs 3 Ruffy 1 Leigh Leigh gurn crowd 2 rdc rdc smile Segs

2 thoughts on “Gig Review – Ruts DC – Jazz Café Camden – 13-Oct-15.”

  1. Thanks Matt
    Your observations are much appreciated.
    don’t forget, if there’s any gig you fancy let me know and I’ll sort the guest list for you.

    1. Nice one thank you very much for your feed back Mr Ruffy Sir!
      But most of all thanks to Your Good Self, Segs and Leigh for being so awesome!!! 🙂
      And not forgetting all Ruts past, present or dearly departed.
      Much appreciated, will be in touch regarding your kind offer…

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