Guest Review – Stranglers/Ruts DC – Birmingham o2 180317

Sugar Tongs aside, EiTC is yet to make it to the classic collection tour!!!
Birmingham is always a blast but YT will have to wait...
Fortunately Gizzard was there and brings us this account of the evening...


Here we are all again, March is upon us and it’s the annual Stranglers tour of the UK, still no news of a new album(it’s in the pipeline we hear…?) The tour is called ‘The Classic Collection’, does this mean a new range of clothing or the ‘greatest hits’? We are promised ‘new old’ tracks in pre tour interviews so it looks promising and also a set change every night…

My interest in seeing the band live has waned over the last 3 or so years, they will always be my favourite band without question and in 158 gigs I have only come away really disappointed once(AITUK Birmingham 2005), from a personal point of view I think seeing them so many times has took the edge off, plus the same ‘hits’ and the lack of new material hasn’t helped, so now each tour 2 or 3 gigs max instead of previously 7 or 8.

I have never been one for not wanting to see the set list before I go to a gig, so after the first gig I want to know, I had seen what was being played and to be honest it didn’t really ‘excite’ me, the only real standouts were ‘Bear Cage’ and ‘15 Steps’ and that was because I had never seen them performed live. There were other songs I was pleased to see back but there were also a few that I have heard/seen played to death but hey you can’t please everyone…..

So I leave home around late afternoon in my new 17 plate Black automobile, plenty of CD’s for the journey, starting with a live recording of Toronto 1980, hells fire it must have been good to see them then!

And so to Birmingham, always liked seeing the band there as it’s always a very healthy and appreciative crowd and this time was no exception, before the actual gig there was a fine meet up of black clad people old and new in the nearby Railway pub, always good to meet up with old faces and new.

And onto the gig, wanted to get in early to check out the Ruts DC, have never seen them before but have their albums and have heard good reports so was keen to check them out, by the time they came on at around 7.45 there was a very healthy crowd and they didn’t disappoint, the set was a mixture of old tracks and new ones from their very fine album ‘Music Must Destroy’, highlights for me being the title track and of course the oldies ‘Jah War’, Staring At The Rude Boys’ and ‘Babylons Burning’.

And so to the main event, the place was now rammed and it was very hot, the lights go down and the familiar WIB comes out of the PA and we are off, have to say the new stage set up of the bricks doesn’t do anything for me, a plain black background with the white or red logo would suffice.
JJ looks in fine form(hope I look that good at 65), he actually seems to look younger each tour, the sound is spot on and the hits are rattled through, highlights were for me are ‘Never To Look Back’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘WWTW’ and of course ‘Sewer’, ‘Bear cage’ was very good but I thought it might be better vocal wise.

Both Baz and Dave are on fine form but the keyboards in certain songs don’t sound right, they sound very ‘plonky(is that even a word..?) and he even partly misses singing one of the lines of ‘Genetix’.

Jim does a fine job on the drums but to me it doesn’t look right without the mighty presence of JB and his drum kit, I know that is not going to change but that’s my opinion and in no way takes away the fact that Jim does a very good job and is a fine drummer.On a personal note whilst I was looking forward to seeing the band again I was not as excited as I have been in previous years, as noted above live interest has slightly diminished, that said I really enjoyed the gig, the band are playing as tight as ever and the future however long that may be looks just good for them, although I want to hear new material, I may be in the minority here as the average Stranglers gig goers will only want to hear the old material but not me, it’s been a long time since ‘Giants’ and a new album is well overdue, I would also like to hear some different ‘older’ tracks and more stuff post Hugh, this though has been and will continue to be debated for as long as the band continue and probably further.

To sum up another fine live performance in the company of good people, now FFS get that new material out!!

Oh and roll on Bristol.


Words: Gizzard.

Images: Simon Kent.

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9 thoughts on “Guest Review – Stranglers/Ruts DC – Birmingham o2 180317”

  1. Very similar tkreview / thoughts to my feelings
    Loved Bear Cage – Never to look back – ww t world – freedom – and ofcourse Sewer
    Roll on the final 2 gigs – 3 is also normally enough for me also these days

    1. What about my peach ? invasion and change of lyrics mid flow and the Yorks lancs banter re flag ?? and the or even at St Andrews on a Saturday afternoon . That’s what makes a great concert great atmosphere and better than sitting at home ? listening to a cd disc or tape .

  2. It would appear to me that you need to take some time off from seeing the band mate as you have the enthusiasm of a frog in a mincer. Everyone hopes to hear new material in the near future but I imagine many, comme moi, feel blessed that we can continually join The Stranglers on tour ever March… and with a few gigs thrown in after. I don’t give a fuck if Jim drops a drumstick, Dave hits a duff note, Baz burps mid song or Jean Jacques accidentally breaks into falsetto…. all part and parcel of the live experience. If I want to hear perfection I’ll shove in a CD… we have to acknowledge 40 years have passed and we cannot expect the 70’s quality every single night on a tour. Please consider cutting the band some slack as I think they are due it, no disrespect to you but let’s look at the broader picture. Re the backdrop they don’t need anything, some of the best Stranglers gigs I have been to have only had clouds of sweaty steam for decoration…

    We all have different opinions re what we would like to hear… as far as I’m concerned every gig should start with ‘Toiler’ but that’s just personal choice… I fucking loathe ‘Strange little girl’ but appreciate it’s place in the band’s history etc… maybe they should do a mini alternative tour, playing tracks that we don’t get to hear often but saying that I would sorely miss hearing the majority of the songs that thrill me live…. ‘Grip’ ‘5 Mins’…. (especially ‘5 Mins’ !!) The crux of the matter for me is this, had anyone told me, back in the 70’s that The Stranglers would still be playing in 40 years time I would have been astonished… and I am astonished… and chuffed to fuck 😀

    1. Amazingly well put Eileen and i agree entirely . We all have opinions.
      For me i never cared for Paul Roberts though NC was a good album , that period went on far too long and i love Baz.

    2. Totally agree with all the above and more….. but each to their own opinions. 40 years of wearing blinkers and I still love everything stranglers old or new some of it brilliant and some dare I say shite… and that’s all incarnations of the band. Every member has played their part and made the best band on the planet survive for 40 years…
      Long live the meninblack

    3. Totally agree with all the above and more….. but each to their own opinions. 40 years of wearing blinkers and I still love everything stranglers old or new some of it brilliant and some dare I say shite… and that’s all incarnations of the band. Every member has played their part and made the best band on the planet survive for 40 years…
      Long live the meninblack

    4. Now that is a full blown balancing comment (to the review) with the added bonus of your innate wit and humour, Eileen! I laughed, I cried, it was worth the read. ?

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