Gig Review – Theatre of Hate – Spizzenergi – London – 6th Dec 2015.

Gig Review – Theatre of Hate – Spizzenergi – The Garage Highbury and Islington 6th Dec 2015.

Going to have to be brief on this one, so here goes…

Time travel…

Trans-dimensional portal from South to North London via some levitation in India…

Meet up with Dibdab and Sibofdibdab. Then…

Did we see Dennis Pennis on the way in to the Garage to catch Spizz etc Etc EiTC?…


It was bloody loud!


It was bloody good!


…Ok got five minutes, so to expand a little:-


Spizz entertained in his unique style with the solid support of his trusty backing band, treating us to plenty of classics culminating in Where’s Captain Kirk? Followed by an encore of Virginia Plain.


Theatre of Hate were brilliant but the sound was too loud to really do justice to the finer points of some of their material. Kirk Brandon’s voice was impeccable and we were entertained with a plethora of great material comprising most of the early singles and some newer material which sat comfortably well alongside.


The band were dynamic and had the stage well and truly covered while engaging the audience. Stand-in drummer Chris Bell pounded his kit through the floor in his own inimitable way. The crowd were lively. We didn’t get Conquistador. The encore was Westworld.


It was awesome and just a tad and a half too loud!


Words: EiTC.
Photos: Dibdab and EiTC.


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