Gig Review – The Stranglers – The Copper Rooms – Warwick Uni Coventry 15-7-15

Gig Review – The Stranglers – The Copper Rooms – Warwick Uni Coventry 15-7-15.

Tiffin at Mr T’s.

Departing the fine country air of Bristol we fired up the Sugar Tongs and aimed in the General Direction of Coventry. Arriving some time later…

There we headed off for Tiffin, where our wonderful hosts Mr and Mrs T provided a superb BBQinBlack to many a grateful (and some road-weary) PersonaeinBlack. Muchisimas Gracias!


Suitably fed and watered we ventured on to the amazingly huge and sprawling campus of Warwick University for tonight’s proceedings. For a meetup with most of the suspects from last night’s gig at Tyntesfield and many others including: Bazzainblack, Patm, Elizabethjt, Martin and Lyndsay (sans Elliot), Uncle Burn e 77 and The Legendary Pidge, toneinstoke, Alexo, PaulL,  Peterg, Jonif and Jadef, Jacq and Kath, Kev and Mully, StevenM, Adam and Jackie, Gareth and Nichola, Keithw and Davec, Dannyh, Sarah, Julie, Katie JJ, Purple Eileen, Little Chick and Salm, Simonp, TonyA, Peterg, Kat and Bill, Willyb, Steveh, etc Etc EiTC…




We made our way into the Copper Rooms in time to catch support act duo The Table Scraps, who in spite of obvious references to The White Strypes format wise, proceeded to deliver a blistering set which couldn’t (and didn’t) fail to win over any audience. TTS provided a solid passionate delivery of raw, honest rock and roll, with solid drums, superb guitar work, heartfelt vocals and a Theremin to boot! Check them out…


Stranglin’ Time:


In a huge contrast to the gentility of last night, we were hemmed in like super compressed sardines, a guarantee of huge sweaty stonkingness was therefore fulfilled.


Kicking off with Toiler we would all have been happy to have a repeat of last night’s set but this was not to be the case as SO was dropped in favour of a gargantuan Goodbye Toulouse (nice one Unc). While in the place of 5 Mins, we got a demon delivery of Death and Night and Blood.


A few were hoisted up on shoulders tonight including Sarah during Sleazy much to the delight of the two frontmen. In addition to being hoisted up some were hoisted over as on Relentless, which saw Keithw hoisted over and a quick improv from Baz as he changed the lyrics accordingly to something like – I Saw Geordie Keith Today being escorted away by security…


Song of the night for EiTC goes to the serious business of IFLAW!

In the place of Skin Deep the boys delivered a highly radioactive Nuclear Device. The main set was once more rounded out with NMH which saw Bazzainblack going OTT, providing a decoy destraction for security as Willyb successfully carried out a stage invasion, much to everyones surprise and amusement.


At the encore a very welcome return to SBC (12” extended remix) in place of ADAAOTN, before set closer Tank.
Top Stuff Indeed!


A quick trip into Coventry centre for a superb curry at Akbars restaurant and a most civilised end to another vintage day in black…


Words: EiTC.

Photos: BBQ – Mr & Mrs T, Balcony – Sharon Williams,
Photos: Colour Stranglers – Dave Higginson,
All others Photos: – EiTC.


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