Gig Review – The Stranglers – King Georges Hall – Blackburn – 16th July 2015.

Gig Review – The Stranglers – King Georges Hall Blackburn – 16th July 2015.

Northern Road Trip Journal – Day 4

Oh Boy!

A short jaunt from there to here and if our Northern road trip has taught us anything it’s taught us something!


Blackburn doesn’t always get the greatest of press but the impression it left upon us was, for the most part, very positive. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, the city itself is not without its own attractions…


On arrival we follow a fellow fan (davew) whose bumper stickers show we share two passions, one being a Raven, the other – Sons of The Desert.


In town we meet up with many familiar faces both from the last few days and further back. A quick stroll around town eventually finds us at the charming Molloys pub for super sustenance at incredible value.


On to tonight’s venue, St Georges Hall, and locals share stories of the impressive line-up of gigs they’ve been to here over the years. It’s a very grand and somewhat imposingly impressive edifice!  Inside, it’s smart and cool with what feels like air-con but was probably in fact ambient temperature. Proceedings tonight, take place inside the Windsor Suite, a space slightly wider than it is long.


We take up our positions for viewing in time to catch an impressive set by support act Peace Talks who proceed to deliver a set of material which is gloriously noisy yet melodic.


There is rawness to their sound yet simultaneously a sense of refinement – with solid drums (Miles) and bass (Ryan), contrasting harmonic and at times dissonant layers of guitar (Danny and Calum), complimented by heartfelt vocal (Calum).


There is a sense of fun about them and they are having a blast up there tonight, which is clearly appreciated by the audience, who charitably sing happy birthday for front man Calum.


The crowd pack in tighter as Waltzinblack announces that it’s time for some antics in black. Starting with Toiler on The Sea the sound is very good and the band on fine form.


The set is very similar to previous nights with Curfew in the place of Four Horsemen once more etc Etc EiTC…


Up close and Personal the conclusion…


The crowd are packed tighter than a pack of very tight things and the temperature is rocketing. The boys are on fire both metaphorically and literally (well you know what I mean). During Nice and Sleazy JJ and Baz leave the stage and get involved with the audience once more, in an impressive pincer movement which concludes front and centre, where we happen to be standing, with Baz getting in our face and JJ getting a face full of Sarah before returning to the stage for the song’s conclusion.


At one point Baz spots Spooner and gives him a personal serenade (Happy Birthday Mr S!)… Dave and Jim are on fine form also tonight. The heat continues to rise. Baz’s banter sees him teasing the locals once more. The sweat is pouring from everywhere as the heat rises further. Worse places to be was something about Blackburn but unfortunately I missed it tonight while interacting with the crowd (comments please…).


So in summary, tonight was a marvellous conclusion to our four day jaunt around the beautiful north. The Stranglers and The Family go from strength to strength!


And it continues… The following morning at breakfast we meet up with Greatkudu and compare notes on a brilliant gig.

Now for some R&R of the other sort!


Words: EiTC.

Photos: Karlos and Matt.


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6 thoughts on “Gig Review – The Stranglers – King Georges Hall – Blackburn – 16th July 2015.”

  1. Braw gigs, met some lovely people and had a blast…..wish it could go on forever but alas life has a way of interfering with Strangler’s gigs 😀 So good to put names to faces and share an amazing time with them….Glad that Elvis is writing about it as someone partied a little too much and is suffering for it now…totally loved it…cheers to Matt and Karlos for documenting this mad time !!

  2. A big thanks to a couple of committed, happy go lucky Stranglers fans for these excellent gig reviews over the last week. I for one have enjoyed and appreciated them very much.. Cheers lads, until next time 🙂

  3. Thanks for anyone who helped me when I collapsed and missed most of the gig ! Ta Chris – Blackpool. Luckily recovered in time for the encore

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