Gig Review – The Stranglers Guildford – 14th March 2016

Gig Review – The Stranglers
Guildford 14th March 2016


Oh Guildford Lil…

Spinning in ever decreasing circles, wheels within wheels in perpetual motion, spiralling infinitely inward, I eventually found myself on Level 9 of the multi-story in Guildford…

In the very next bay were SiB and Will, we walked out to street level where we encountered none other than Guildford Lil! Taking advantage of this situation we made our way to the delightful Rose Valley restaurant for a spot of pre-gig sustenance.

Fed and watered, a mild panic began to set in as realisation dawned as to the potential lack of a car key in the vicinity of jacket pocket. Calmly re-traced footsteps eventually located it (via the restaurant) back to the car park in the ignition where it had been left…

Normal service resumed it was onward to G-live, the destination for the annual Stranglers home-coming gig.

Whilst sages in black have wisely philosophised that you don’t need to drink to have a good time, navigating the drunken staircase at G-live could lead one to suggest that, having abstained from the grog, if you want to remember what it feels like to be sloshed this will suffice! etc ETC EiTC…

From whence we made our way to a packed bar with muffled sounds indicating that The Alarm’s set was in progress. We procured some refreshments, caught up with Mr and Mrs C and friends and before we knew it – we knew it was – 5 minutes to stage time – thanks to the G-live tannoy announcement – most civilised!…

We made our way in to the main hall and gravitated toward the stage where we encountered many of the usual suspects in waiting…

Gig Review


Waltzinblack and away we go…

The band delivered Black and White with fire and precision. Highlights again being experiencing the album played in its entirety while highlighting both In The Shadows and Enough Time for the skill and perfection of execution.


A burst of colour and Grip saw them sail through the second part of the set. Walk on By never failing to please and the excellent Princess of The Streets just out there!

The sound tonight was spot on!


In past years the crowd in Guildford, while always most appreciative, have been more focused on watching and listening than dancing but tonight a good few are up for it! The mosh vortex dragged me in where I found myself alongside Raymond and a fairly good natured bunch. The band seemed to notice the increase in activity and in turn feed off the extra-liveliness of the crowd tonight (which Baz alluded to at the end of the set).


Encores were a little thin on the ground being light by two or so numbers compared with Brixton but that’s no complaint really after a performance delivered so well! And besides, who wouldn’t take the chance to clock off early of a Monday when it presents itself?


Words: Matthew Elvis Brown.
Pictures: Andy Miller.


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  1. So, a good time was had by all. I had read that the accoustics in G-Live are not the best. Was this so? When I saw the signature clear black and white photography, I thought it had to be Andy’s.

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