Gig Review Straighten Out – Hope and Anchor – 24th Sept 16

So, after a studious day spent with like-minds in the wilds of Archway we made our way to Italy for sustenance at Il Mio Mosaic, which was nice...


Just then the 271 bus happened along, so I hopped on whereupon it crawled its way down the Holloway Road which was very busy tonight thanks to a London Derby football match being held around and about the vicinity.


Hopping off at Highbury and Islington and weaving through the crowds of stupored celebrants, I eventually found myself once more amongst like-minds. Albeit like-minds of a different kind…


Here as we were for the annual Autumnal Pilgrimage to the holy shrine known as the Hope and Anchor, to enact our parts in the ritualistic summoning of Mark 1 Magic!


The throng had dwindled a little since the last such happening but no matter as the enthusiasm of those who had made it here today more than made up for the absences.



No Waltzinblack and straight down to business as Phil, Shaggy, Mick and Mickey P, otherwise known as Straighten Out, proceeded to deliver a no-nonsense set of authentic Stranglers Black Magic.


Some cynics may say “why are you bothering to write a review for a tribute act?” Clearly such cynics are lacking in experience – particularly the experience of hearing perfect recreations of The Stranglers ‘Classic’ early catalogue.

Close your eyes and think of 1977 to 1982.


Highlights too numerous to mention it was the whole blooming lot really but in the spirit of trying to narrow it down – for me it was, in no particular order; Who Wants The World, Bring On The Nubiles, Peasant in The Big Shitty, Ugly, Grip and the magnificent School Ma’am! First Class, Top Notch, Superb etc Etc EiTC…


All too soon it was all, see you in March and all that.


Words and Pictures: Matthew Elvis Brown.

Bonus: Guess the song?…

o oo-bloo oo ooo oooo ooooo oooooo

Bonus: Straighten Out


Bonus: bonus

lilanlu bloggsy lil fast-hands-too fanny lefty crowd-blue

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