Gig Review – Cauldronated – Queen of Hoxton – 20th Dec 2014

Gig Review – Cauldronated – Queen of Hoxton – 20th Dec 2014


The planets line up, heralding the time of Winter solstice.
The Sun, seemingly, standing stock still.
Way down (way on down) below, underground, beneath the surface, something is astir…

Ruse – The Bank Job…

…Just a few metres more drilling.
Yes that’s it about there.
Now drill upwards.
And we should land Square in the centre of the vault…
WTF this is a pub in Hoxton, a whole half a kilometre to the North and East!
F**in’ Sat Nav!
Oh well, since we’re here we may as well have a drink, what you having KiB?
But wait…
Distant drums…
Blimey, Cauldronated are playing in the cellar!
And they are playing beyond their skins!
The bank job can wait…

Gist – Let there be Drummers…

Dave and Eva Drums

Cauldronated kick off with the excellent iBossa, the sound for the backing is good tonight – with solid lows and rich mids topped with just the right amount of high end shimmeriness. Although, the PA is struggling just a smidge with the live instruments, there being a touch of sibilance on the voice and not enough compression on the snare (meaning some of the quieter dynamics do not cut through quite enough), this is a minor niggle, as overall the goods are well and truly delivered.

Dave project

Having seen them a few times now it is interesting to observe that, in such a setting, they are quickly attracting more and more interest. In a flash the dance-floor fills, which speaks volumes for the broad appeal of their sound (and provides the perfect alibi). Which, whilst retaining a punky techno edge, clearly displays their commercial potential in this nightclub setting.

Dave and Eva lines

The punters are quickly gathering around forming into a healthy crowd. The infectious single Buy This Thing is next, executed with precision and just a smattering of menace. Audience engaged, bodies and heads rhythmically giving their approval. A healthy applause reinforces this.

Eva gaze

It becomes apparent with the super catchy Ring of Khan that the material seems to be evolving at each gig, which is no mean feat when playing with a techno backing. Rapturous appreciation and the crowd continues to swell, clouds of dry ice engulf us as they deliver Inside My Mind.

Eva and Dave Motion

Now although I can be particular at times and not always easy to please, certain things are always guaranteed to tick the box; clouds and trains for example… More clouds of dry ice greet my current favourite Raymond Zane which has a heavy train influence both rhythmically and in its subject matter, as well as being catchier than a clutch of catchy things. Boxes ticked!

The dark/light strains of Though in Hell follow with its super hook appealing to what now feels like a very cosy crowd situation again reinforced by noticibly increased levels of appreciation.

Eva voices her appreciation back at us before they kick off with the dramatic soundtrack and syncopated rhythms of closing number In this World – Experience above authority within this world…

Eva Drum

With Eva Menon, to these ears (incredible as it may seem), there is something ever so slightly evocative of Grace Jones; in her vocal delivery and similarly more than just a hint of danger in her stage presence.

While Dave Barbarossa (who is simply one of the best drummers to walk the planet (imesho)), hangs his beats with deeply focussed precision and fluidity.

Dave Drums

The sound seems to be evolving before our very ears.

Evolution in action!

Catch them while you can!



Epilogue – Did you bring the Stockings?

Now back underground to finish what was started before what came after…

Photos Courtesy of: Natalie Loera (Solo shots) and Francesca Shashkova (Duo shots).

Thanks to all involved.

Apologies for errors and ommisions.


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